How do you become an organised person?

Those who know me understand I get stressed.


As I am becoming older, life is becoming extremely busy and chaotic, especially as adulthood approaches. Balancing both the social and work aspects of my life, whilst keeping on top of the many everyday tasks that are thrown at me and so many other people.

However, having a busy life does not necessarily need to be so stressful if you know how to organise your life accordingly, so you are able to keep up on tasks of all sorts without ending up in a procrastination based situation. Yes, that’s right, we have all been there and done it. I am generally a rather organised person, but I have had times I have fallen off the band-wagon. To refrain this from occurring on a regular basis, I use a variety of tips to make sure I keep organised. Here we go:

  1. Write a to do list/ bullet journal: Some people like to keep a To Do List and others prefer to keep a Bullet Journal. I personally write lists, but have been considering trying out the journal method. Whichever of the two you decide to go with, they will both allow you to keep on track of outstanding work/tasks that need to be completed, as well as helping you to know what you are supposed to be doing on that particular day and when it needs to be done by. Additionally, they are also good for prioritizing different tasks, so you can move the most important ones to the front of your agenda!

2. If at all possible, complete work given to you asap: Now this one is more of a difficult tip to maintain, but it really does help if you are able to complete work as soon as possible after you have received it. Not only will you feel more organised, but you shall also not fall into the rift of procrastination and end up panicking at 10:30pm at night because a piece of work is due in the next day and you have not even started it. (It happened to me once when I was 14….Never again!!)

3. Tidying is a good thing: Tidying is always a good thing to do, in order to feel organised and in the zone for getting things done. It allows you to get rid of any old items in your possession which are of no use anymore, plus you may re- find items which you believed had been lost for ever in the depths of despair under your bed.

4. Sort your email inbox into different folders: I am afraid to say that I am one of those people who feels uneasy about seeing people have over 300 emails in their inbox!! I personally stop this from happening myself by putting different emails in a range of folders that relate to their importance or topic area. It is also good to regularly loom through your inbox, so you do not miss any emails of importance and can trash any that are not needed anymore.

5. Breathe: It is all well and good following techniques to become a more organised person, but it is important to also take a deep breath and believe in yourself that you can get tasks done, instead of rolling yourself into a stress ball. ❤


If you have any other tips, feel free to comment below!

I hope this was of help, everyone! Until next time.

Rhi. X


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