Insomnia: From a sufferer’s perspective!

Hello, my darlings!

For as long as I can remember, sleeping has been a rather difficult task to say the least. Yes, I have been dealt the card of suffering from insomia. Every night, I wonder to myself before bed “Hmmm, I wonder how much sleep I will be getting tonight?.”

Anyone who suffers from insomia knows that it is ridiculously difficult to not watch the clock or overthink sleep throughout the day or whilst looking up at the ceiling, wide awake at night. (EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED AND JUST WANT SOME BLOODY DECENT SLEEP!!)


Some of the sterotypical symptoms of insomia include difficulty falling asleep, still feeling exhausted after having sleep, difficulty remaining asleep and getting back to sleep. I have heard some people take sleeping pills or alcohol before bed, but that is most certainly a route that I will always avoid, as I personally do not find that they are postive solutions to the problem!

It is not like I have not tried various options to try and improve my sleep. Here are some of the many things I have tried in the past few years:

  • Daily exercise and fresh air.
  • Reading a book before I go to bed, instead of looking at objects that are technology based.
  • Drinking water before bed, in order to remain hydrated through the night.

However, none of these seem to do the trick. I guess the reason could be because I have been suffering from this condition for a long period of time and my body is just being stubborn. Another reason could be down to the fact I am certainly a worrier, especially in the evening. As a Sixth Form student, it is nice to have a decent amount of sleep at the end of a busy day….but that is a dream I am yet to achieve, gahhhh!!

I think the whole anxiety and worrying thing around sleep relates to most, if not all, people that suffer from insomia. It is extremely frustrating because the anxiety around sleep is very difficult to ignore, because the more you think about your issues…Well,  the more concerned and fearful you become.

I hope this blog post has been of interest to both people who do and do not suffer from insomia. I personally find it interesting and reassuring to hear about people’s expereinces that I am able to relate to!

If you have any advice to me and fellow insomia sufferers or just a genral interest in the post, feel free to comment below or possibily share, so other sufferers are aware they are not alone in this!

Cheers, m’dears.

Rhi. X

7 thoughts on “Insomnia: From a sufferer’s perspective!”

  1. Yes, I heard looking at the computer or social media on phones is one of the worst thing s to do.. It gives you something to think about instead of clearing your mind. I imagine you have tried things like nighttime cold medicines that help to take the edge off?


  2. Ugh. I feel your pain. My family has dopamine issues: ranging from insomnia to RLS to narcolepsy. We All take a little “something” to stay functional. Mine calmed with a bit of hormone regulation. Good luck. Not fun!!!


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