Adulthood is approaching: What I am apprehensive about.


Let’s talk adulthood! On the 24th September of this month, I shall be turning 18 years old!!

It is a time of celebration and excitement for the future. At 18, there are no limits to what I can do and what I can become.

On the other hand, I am also apprehensive about turning 18 years old and all the scary things in adulthood that I shall have to face at some point.

Ironically, the excting plans that I am looking forward to are also the same things that I am fearful for- Every person becomes fearful of the future because they do not want to waste their life and wants to be happy. Everyone wants to think back on their life when their time is ending and think ‘My life was great. I used it well.’

Some of my aims for adulthood include completing an English Literature degree, teaching young people and adults, having my own children, and making a difference to other people’s lives.

What goals do the rest of you have? What do you hope to gain out of life? It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you are or are not reaching a milestone, it would be interesting to know what other people’s hopes and dreams are!

I look forward to hearing them and hopefully my worries about adulthood will start to disappear when I start experiencing adulthood in late September. Much love. ❤

Rhi. X


10 thoughts on “Adulthood is approaching: What I am apprehensive about.”

  1. I will tell you that one of the lessons I’ve learned so far is not to worry too much about big plans. I used to see only the big picture and it seemed like I was never making any progress towards it and it was driving me crazy. But if you live every day with a goal and some idea of progress, you realize the big plans are really just made up of a lot of successful little plans. So I hope you achieve everything you want and remember that there is a big difference between taking one tiny step a day and taking no step at all.


  2. I guess right now, I just want to try to get A* on my IGCSEs when I take them in two years time. Its gonaa be hard but i will try☺️


  3. Congrats on your upcoming milestone b day! Adulthood opens some doors for you but brings on some added accountability too. (shhh its a blast) Keep your eyes open, always consider your reputation, keep learning (! try to learn all through life), and remain young at heart. If they will take me into adulthood they will take anyone!


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