Mr Robot- Review!


This is my first review on my blog- Pretty excting, ehh?

I had been meaning to watch Mr Robot for a while, but it was not until about 3 months ago that I finally got round to watching the series. I had my doubts, because from what I had heard, it was all about hacking and in past expereinces, that has never been appealing to me.

The series is based  around a young, socially anxious, computer engineer called Elliot who is extremely good at hacking. By reading that, you are all probably thinking “That sounds pretty boring.” That is what I thought…. but OH HELL NO!

Not only does the series talk about how humans are connected and that our lives create our personalities/ the way we act in day to day society, but it also focuses on a range of mental health issues, as well as the many political problems in the world which we are surrounded by everyday.

You become extremely attached to Elliot and have so much sympathy for him, especially as you learn more about him and the things he has to suffer with. I am a lover of television series and have watched many of them when I have had free time- This is most certainly in my top 3. I would be lying if I said that there was not some pretty messed up twists as the series unfolds. You know those programmes or films that quite literally make your jaw drop? Well, oh my, this is certainly one of them!

I am currently eagerly awaiting for series 2 to be released on boxset. ( I know it is already on Amazon Prime, but unfortunatly that is something that I do not have). I really highly suggest that you all give this series a look- The acting is also superb and I could not fault it. The only thing that I would say about Mr Robot is that it is a bit slow at first, but then out of nowhere, things get really intense extremely quickly…

If you have any suggestions of reviews that you would like me to do, let me know!

Bye for now,

Rhi. X

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