My goals for September.

I hope you’re all well, my darlings.

As a new month is upon us, I think it is important to set some goals for the month ahead- Both small and large.

  1. Get settled into Year 13– It is a busy year ahead of me, regarding education. It is a year of stepping forward towards my final Alevels exams and deciding on my next path way. So, it is always good to start the new achademic year by getting settled into Year 13 and the workload asap.
  2. Learn some ways to control on my anxiety issues– Some of you may be aware that I suffer from pretty bad anxiety issues and in the past few months, it has been a big struggle of mine. My goal for this month is to try and not let myself go overboard again. To do this, I need to start to learn that if I am stuggling, talk to someone before it gets out of hand.Β 
  3. Contiue to enjoy and do well on my blog– I have only had my blog for a few days, yet it has already become a passion of mine and it is amazing the interest that people already have about it. I will continue to enjoy expressing myself and my thoughts!!
  4. Enjoy my 18th Birthday– It hasn’t sunk in that my Birthday is fast approaching and adulthood is approaching. As said in my last post, I have worries about being an adult, but I will ignore these and damn well enjoy my special day. ^.^
  5. Continue to make a difference to other people’s lives through the charity I am working for-I currently volunteer and do work experience for a local youth mental health charity (Which I will speak about in more detail in a future post.) I love being involved in making a big change to young people’s mental health awareness and I look forward to all the exciting things approaching, regarding this charity.
  6. Keep being me– I think this is something that we can all agree on. Becoming too stressed or wrapped up in life can change who we are, eventually. I have no intention of that occurring to me, because I love who I am and have no reason to become a different person. I just need to keep being me.

What are your goals for this month? Feel free to comment below.

Much love,

Rhi. X

11 thoughts on “My goals for September.”

  1. Lovely list – I think No 6 is the most important…be you like no one else can!! A lot of our anxieties come when we aren’t being authentic – be your own kind of beautiful (my new favourite catch phrase). I recently did a whole series on this if you have time for a read. And definitely enjoy your birthday πŸ™‚


  2. Those are some fantastic goals. regarding #2, I’m sure you will get all kinds of advice and whatnot. Don’t ignore it all or scoff if it seems silly, take a chance and try different techniques. If you make a valiant effort to find away to reduce stress and find a way to manage attacks when they start you will be much happier. My advice, don’t approach your anxiety as an embarrassment and yes definitely talk to someone.
    This month I have some hefty personal goals. I was “downsized” after 13 years at a job that I loved so finding a decent job is top of the list, and/or possibly looking into going back to school. I plan to polish my query and synopsis and contact as many literary agents as I can. I also want to finish at least two phases of revision on my second book.

    Good luck with managing your anxiety, I know personally that it is hard to do until you find a way that works for you.


  3. They are great goals to have, good luck! Enjoy your 18th birthday this month, I’ll be (hopefully) enjoying my 16th, and going into year 11. Fellow anxiety sufferer, I wish you well! xxx


  4. Advance happy 18th birthday! You can grow older but you can keep the child burning inside you! πŸ™‚
    Nice to know that you work for charity. The world needs more kind people like you!
    And yep, keep being your own beautiful you. πŸ™‚


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