Belated World Suicide Prevention Day Post.

Hello, hunnies!
Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day….(September 10th). My apologies for not doing this blog post sooner, I was unable to get the time to do it! As you are most likely aware, this day is used to raise awareness of mental health and the topic of suicide. Not only does it put into perspective how important our mental health is, but it also allows people to be aware of the signs that could signify that someone is struggling.

I put this status on my Facebook, which shows my opinion on how important this awareness day is:


As mentioned in that status, it is so important that we talk openly about mental health and refrain from seeing it as a tabboo subject. Those who follow me know that I am a big supporter of raising awareness and helping others. The world has come very far in accepting mental health issues and learning how to look after our own minds.On the contray, stigma and misunderstanding is still in the mist and will not disappear until everyone is motivated to help change become a reality.

Please know that if you would like to chat about anything or need advice, you’re more than welcome to message me on Facebook or contact me via Twitter (my username is LittleRhiRhi_).

If you are in need of help, the Suicide Prevention Number is  1-800-273-8255 and I shall also attach some links to some mental health organisations. Please know that Suicide and/or suffering in silence is never the way forward and there are others way to get through the darkness.

Much love,

Rhi. X

Mental Health Organisations.


7 thoughts on “Belated World Suicide Prevention Day Post.”

  1. I’m glad to have bumped into your blog.
    I have blogged about Suicide Awareness and PTSD the whole of Sept. (I think about 10 posts related to it) and for this month I’m blogging about Mental Health awareness, breaking the stigma, and I’m also blogging about Domestic Violence since it’s DV awareness month also. Besides that I blog about gender equality,/ feminism, empowerment, world peace, beYOUtiful/love your body, etc. I hope you find your way to my blog.

    I like your posts. You have a new fan — just gave you a follow.
    I hope to see you around 🙂

    ❤ BP

    Liked by 1 person

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