Rhi’s Book Review Series- Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig.

Hello, darlings!

As a massive lover of Literature and books, I thought it would be right to start a book review series about the many books that I have tendency to read. I hope you enjoy it!!

The first book that I wanted to review is called ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ by Matt Haig. I recieved this book by a very close friend of mine who read it herself whilst going through a tough time and therefore gave it to me when I was also struggling. I am so bloody glad she did!

‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ is a true story that tells Matt Haig’s battle with depression and anxiety, detailing every twist and turn to recovery and how he learned to want to live once again.

I absolutely love this book because it is written is such a great way. Matt Haig writes the book with such passion, which balances both the humor and more serious aspects of living with mental health issues which he speaks about with such honesty. He does not speak as someone from the outside, but as someone who can be seen as someone to trust and to go to for advice when in need of it.

WIth some books, people can sometimes find it difficult to connect with pieces of work which include topics that relate to them, because they may feel the the author is talking at them and not with them. Matt Haig is a brilliant example of how books about advice should be written.

Not only does the book talk about the author’s story and how his mental health deterioriated, but also about how his mental health improved. He makes it clear that suffering from a mental health issue does not disappear, but can be managed and that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel. The book also includes advice and to me personally, it acted as an extremely good counselor who was not patrionising, but was empathetic and supportive.

Obviously, you should not just rely on 1 book to improve your mental health issues, but this book is a great start in recovery! Furthermore, it is not just useful to those who are struggling, but also family and friends of those who may be living with mental disorders, as it increases understanding and decreases the stigma that is attached. The writing style used throughout is also amazing and so is easy for anyone to read, which is always a great plus!

Please read it, it shall give you a change of perspective about life!

Hope you enjoyed this review!
Much love,

Rhi. X


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