I am proud.

Hello, sweet peas.

I think it is always important to give yourself recognition for the things you are proud of achieving. Being proud of yourself does not mean that you are selfish or that you are self obsessed, but that you are aware that you are growing and improving as a person everyday.

Here are some things that I am proud of myself for:

  1. I am proud of always trying to be kind and empathetic towards others. It may be tiring and frustrating sometimes, but showing kindness to others gives me a lovely sensation that I have done something good. I also find that being a kind and empathetic person has allowed me to make great friends and has taught me more communication skills.

2. I am proud for getting out of bed everyday, even if I feel like life is suffocating me. There have been many times when I have just wanted to cry under my duvet or stare at the ceiling for hours, wanting the world to swallow me whole. I always fight back. I have learnt to force myself out of bed, regardless of my anxiety for the upcoming day, and many times I am pleasently surprised. I try my best to make the most of the day, even if my health, mentally, is having a bad day (Which happens a lot). Life is a strange place and it is okay to struggle sometimes, but it is always good to teach yourself how to attempt to rise up against your mind.

3. I am proud of myself for surrounding myself with great people. Finding yourself a life of happiness starts with making sure that the people you surround yourself with are people that are going to have a positive impact on you, not a negative one. At the end of the day, you deserve so much more than being put down and pulled back by negativity. I am glad I know what people who deserve to be in my life look like- Something I have taught myself to be aware of since the age of 16.

4. I am proud of myself for making this blog about life and raising awareness about a range of topics. Especially after being open about my own issues with other people, I wanted to become a blogger who inspired and helped others, as well being part of an amazing community. It takes motivation and determination, but I already have a great following and I fall more and more in love with blogging everyday.

5. I am proud of myself for working hard to complete the many goals that I have in life. Goals can only be achieved with hard work and I make sure that I try to do that everyday. Life brings me down and makes me want to sit in a dark room, but I know if I continue to work hard for what I want, important goals that I have an urge to complete will be achieved. I may not always have faith and belief in myself, but damn, it feels good when I make an achievement, regardless of whether that is small or large.

What have you done that has made you proud of yourself? Please feel free to share!!

Much love,

Rhi. X

7 thoughts on “I am proud.”

  1. Being proud of yourself and your accomplishments proove that you love and respect yourself – and YOU are actually the very first and most important person for yourself to do love and respect. You should be proud of yourself for that too 🙂 Great post!

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