English Literature is pretty damn great!!

Hello, darlings!

As many of you may be aware, I am a massive enthusiast of English Literature. Over the years, it has become a definite favourite subject of mine, which is also what I want to study at University, next year!

So, why do I love English Literature so much? Well, I guess it is because not only can you learn so much from it, but books allow you to escape from the stress of life for a while and become absorbed into poetry, stories, ideas and pure beautiful creatvity.

I believe that you can become a lover of Literature at any time in your life. I think that something that sometimes puts people off the subject of Literature or reading in general is mainly either because of social pressure or possibly personal issues, such as dyslexia. Please don’t ever let that stop you! Anyone is allowed to enjoy English Literature and all its wonderful aspects!

Whilst being at Sixth Form, I have done a range of work experience, and some of it has been based in English classes for people who are younger than me. The attitude towards english and reading is not at its greatest if you speak to young people, and that generally breaks my heart.

Motivate others to start reading, join a local book club, engage with others who have an interest in Literature. There is so much hatred in the word and Literature is such a powerful and beautiful source that we created, which spreads knowledge, love and the true creatvity that can be found in the world. We are so wound up in day to day life and the negativity in society, that we don’t allow ourselves to appreciate the small and beautiful things in life. Help to change that!

Much love,

Rhi. X


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