18 things that I have learnt over the past 18 years.

Hello, darlings!

So tomorrow, I FINALLY BECOME 18 YEARS OLD, AHHHHH! If you cannot already tell, I am extremely excited!! To celebrate this milestone, I thought I would do a post about the 18 main things that I have learnt over the past 18 years that I have been on this planet.

  1. Always show kindness to others.- I have learnt that kindness is one of the most powerful traits to have. Everyone goes through personal issues and a bit of kindness is always a great help. Even if they do not necessarily show it back, it is the thought that counts and also helps you build as a person.
  2. Good manners cost nothing.- My Father taught me this a long time ago, and it has been something that I have always remembered.
  3. It is okay to not be okay.- I, like many people, have been through a large amount of issues in the past few years. I learnt that no-one can always be okay and we will all go through bad times. Do not hide from your problems; face them.
  4. Some people are toxic. (Cut them out)- We have all had the experience of having toxic people in our lives, even if we do not realise it. I learnt that my life became much easier when I taught myself that toxic people are not needed in my life and I am better off without them.
  5. Exam stress is a thing.- It does not matter how much you try to deny it, exam stress does exist and everyone will have it at some point….. It is important to learn how to deal with it effectively!
  6. Friends are family.- Don’t get me wrong, I love my blood relatives very much, but I have found out over the years that my friends are also my family. They have been there for me through so much and I see them as a part of the famalam. Xoxo
  7. Those who are meant to be in your life will always find a way to be there- I am a massive believer of this. In life, people drift away from you and if they are meant to be in your life, they will find a way to do that.
  8. Help others.- Helping others has become a significent part of who I am. I feel a high amount of satisfaction and happiness when I help others. I just need to remember to keep looking after myself too!
  9. I am loved.- For many people, especially those who suffer from mental health issues, there are times when you believe that the world is against you and that you are someone who is not loved. I still get it sometimes, but I am starting to understand that it is in my mind; not reality.
  10. Life can be tough, but you will get through it!- Life can be pretty crap sometimes, but with determination and bravery, you will get through and be even better than you were before.
  11. Crying does not make you weak.- In society, there is a facade that crying makes you weak. It does not, it makes you stronger and it can make you feel refreshed after, because you are not throwing your feelings into the darkness.
  12. Be honest about your feelings and thoughts- I have spent many years keeping quiet and not speaking about how I am feeling/ the thoughts in my head. It can be difficult to express what you want to say, but is important to tell people. Not only does it take some pressure of your shoulders, but other people may feel the same and/or you can talk to people about what you are thinking.
  13. Ice cream is great.- I think we can all agree that ice cream is wonderful and a great comfort on difficult days. Plus, there are many glorious flavours!!
  14. Reading teaches you a lot.- As said in my previous post, reading is a wonderful tool for knowledge, empathy and creativity. It is a big part of who I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have been a enthusiast for books since an early age and I am so happy for that.
  15. Heartbreak exists, it sucks.- Yeah, it really does, but how you decide to use this experience for future reference is up to you!
  16. Work and play hard.- Working hard is very rewarding and by doing so, you will feel great and also be able to have a great time afterwards.
  17. It is important to be a good role model.- Future generations will look up to you and ask for advice. Be a good role model and show them how to be great and individual people.
  18. Life has only just begun.- Sure, I am terrified for adulthood, but I can assure you all, I am going to make it bloody brilliant!!

Much love,

Rhi. X

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