An 18th Birthday Adventure.

Hello, loveilies!

As many of you are aware it was my 18th birthday on Saturday and oh my, it was bloody amazing!

It was a day of just happiness, peace and a rather large amount of food and alcohol, haha! It was a day that I did not become overwhelmed with fear or anxiety about issues going on in my life….I felt gernerally happy, which is something that can be a rare feeling for me sometimes.

I recieved such lovely birthday wishes, cards and gifs from family and friends. Things that I will treasure forever. I saw family members in the morning, then went shopping in Worcester with those that I am really close to. It is fair to say that this shopping and meal trip was certainly an interesting and hilarious one to be part of!!

Additionally, in the evening, I was surprised with a trip bowling and some more wonderful gifts, some of which I know will be an interest to you wonderful lot, and there will be blog posts about them in the near future. The kitchein in my house is currently bombarded with sweet food items, which I will probably be unable to finish until this time, next year…

At the bottom of this blog post, I have attached some photos from this lovely day that I had. Finally, thank you so much to you all for all the wonderful birthday messages, you’re all so kind! I am so grateful to everyone for making it such a great day. ❀

Adulthood is what you make it and I like to think that I will make it an exciting and a truly delightful expereince in my lifetime.

Much love,

Rhi. X

23 thoughts on “An 18th Birthday Adventure.”

  1. I’m so glad you had an amazing birthday! Also I love the gold balloons, I really want them for my 18th (4 months and something days!!). You looked really pretty btw xx

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