RHI’S BOOK REVIEW SERIES: The Little Book Of Calm and The Little Book Of Happiness.

Hello, darlings. ❤

In the latest addition of ‘Rhi’s Book Review Series’, I am talking about 2 very small, but very influential books, which give you therapy, as well as a good little read. I always see books as a type of therapy, but these two especially are so tiny and cute, yet wonderful!

The Little Book of Calm is written by Paul Wilson, whilst The Little Book Of Happiness is written by Patrick Whiteside. They are both designed so well that I actually thought that they had the same author- I was very much incorrect! ‘Calm’ gives you a hell load of tips on how to calm yourself when feeling stressed or anxious. I always make sure that I take this around with me, because it is so useful to have (I think we can all agree that life is extremely stressful and we forget that it does not have to always be that way). Probably two of my favoruite quotes from this tiny book is:cttbph7xgaade-jcttbpiaxeaabd8g

“Take all the time in the world: Contrary to what you may tell yourself, you have all the time in the world to do whatever you choose. What cannot be fitted into your day cannot be done- forget about it”, as well as “Find wonder in all you do: There is little doubt that those who get the most from life are those who look for the wonder in even the smallest things they do.  Cultivate this skill and you’ll find peace and satisfaction  as well.”

‘Happiness’ gives you little tips about how you can find happiness in even the smallest of things that you do. Like its counterpart, this book is very much uplifting and allows you have a smile to yourself, or even shed a few tears, as it gives you the chance to unwind. Two fo my favourite quotes from this book are:cttbph8wiaaabbycttbph9wiaawp6o

“Use your senses…..Seek beauty…In a flower, a dewdrop, in the scent of incense or woodsmoke” and “Sometimes thinking leaves us bewildered. et the bewilderment pass…Pause. Take a break…Let your mind work by itself.”

Both these books are something that you can read over and over again, without getting bored. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stressed or upset, turning to these two books makes things that little bit better. I defintely suggest that you all give these a go when in times of need or suggest it to other people that you think would benefit!

Much love,

Rhi. X


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