More Love Letters Project!!

Hello, hunnies!

I hope you’re all well! I decided that for today’s blog post, I would talk about a wonderful project called ‘More Love Letters’.

Founded in 2011 by Hannah Brencher, the aim is very simple. The aim is to write letters of kindness and love to strangers all over the world! Anyone can nominate someone to receive a love letter bundle, allowing that simple act of kindness from people to make a difference to others’ lives. I came across this project whilst researching projects to get involved in, which embrace positivity and that need of helping of helping others. Hannah began the project after she started suffering from depression when she moved to New York City. One day, she noticed another lady feeling the same way as her self, so wrote her a letter. From then on, her love of writing letters for other people increasingly grew, creating this wonderful project. Not only did she create, but she also wrote her own book about her journey to creating the project, which is called If You Find This Letter: My Journey to Find Purpose Through Hundreds of Letters to Strangers. Furthermore, she is the co-founder of another cute project called If You Find This Email, allowing anyone all over the world to leave their emails on the website about anything that they want. The emails that are posted on the website by people talk about their experiences and their open feelings and thoughts of people who have been or are in their lives. I bloody love this concept because it acts as a type of therapy for people, allowing them to express themselves and the emotions/ thoughts that they have in their minds! Both of these projects, as well as Hannah’s book are so inspirational and motivational, especially for those like myself who suffer from mental health issues and/or are mental health bloggers/ activists.

I have always tried to spread happiness and love to everyone I meet, because it is so important to remember that we can all go through so much crap and that being motivated by other people to carry on through the day can certainly make a large difference. The trait of the kindness not only can help others, but also has a positive impact on the person who is spreading that happiness onto other people. In the long run, happiness can be spread so easily by just a few kind words if we just take a few minutes out of our day to compliment someone or have a lovely conversation with another individual/ a group of people.

I hope I have built an interest from you lovely lot about this glorious project- The main reason that I wanted to speak about this today was to show that there are so many ways that you can spread happiness and kindness!

Much love,



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