Mental Health Therapy- Session 1.

Hello, darlings!

As promised, I have decided to start a mini series that updates you all about the therapy that I currently am having for my anxiety and depression. Getting help for mental health issues is still very much a taboo subject, and as a mental health activist, I feel like it is only right to help dismiss that stigma and encourage others to get help.

I was absolutely bloody terrified about my first session, because I did not know what to expect and what the outcome would be. However, I found that I had been matched with a very lovely counselor who was very empathetic and listened fully to what I was saying. I was made to feel very comfortable! 

I found that during the session when I was asked questions, my answers to them just flowed out like a steam train and I felt unable to stop. I did get rather emotional, which I expected would occur. This week was a basic assessment of how I was feeling and how/why my mental health  has deteriorated so much. My next session shall be when things get down to the nitty gritty. I know that having these sessions shall be difficult, but I hope that there will be some progress in finding out what is causing my issues and find some way to improve how I am thinking.

IF I find that talking therapy is not helping or is not at its best on its own, I shall certainly be looking into medication which is another option that can help me cope, though trying talking therapy on its own first is important! Talking therapy may end up not being right for me, and that’s okay because it does not work for everyone, but at least I have taken that step forward in getting help and support. It is interesting that my therapist can already find connections to why I am suffering from mental health issues; some factors I did not think before the session would link to it. If anything, having these sessions may allow me to learn more about myself- Something we all have to learn and talk about in order to progress.

  • Yesterday’s session has made me emotionally drained and fragile today and I will probably feel like this fir the next few days- Something I had been warned of before I started the session by several people I know who are going through the same things, as obviously I am having to talk and think about very personal stuff and what I believe is going to be the best way forward for myself and my mental health.

I have said this many times before and will continue to do- Please do not think you are weak for asking for help. If anything, it makes you exceptionally strong! I am so glad that I am finally recieving help and support through loved ones, my therapist and GP. 

Much love,

Rhi. X


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