The concept of death absolutely terrifies me.

Hello, lovelies!

I have always been extremely nervous about the concept of death and what is next after you take your last breath. I learnt a while back from my Psychology teacher that when we are children, we all go through a stage where we are very anxious and fearful about death and the feeling of the unknown. I remember very clearly that when I was 7 years old, I became terrified about it and leaving all those I loved behind. Some of it would have been because that is one the parts of growing up, but other stuff also occurred around that time, such as losing one of my bestfriends,  which I think also might had triggered my fear.

Many of us are able to ‘grow out’ of this intense fear and usually do not think about it. For many years, I believed that this had become the case for me and there was nothing to worry about. However, I have found that as I have reached my late teens, this fear has returned.

We all have different views, regarding what happens after death. As someone who believes in spirituality, I hope that there is life after death. I have found times though when thoughts of ‘What if?’ have creeped into my mind. A fear of death and lack of reassurance about what happens afterwards tops up the anxiety that I already suffer from on a daily basis. I have a few friends who also have this intense fear, and trust me, it is an absolutely horrendous feeling. You are given life to use it as you want to and I think the most terrifying bit about it is that it could end at any moment. I like to have reassurance and a definite answer about what is going to happen next. You can never get that with life or death.

I have found that having a fear of death is a subject which we deep down known is common, yet it is never actually really spoken about. I completely get that, because sometimes talking about our fears can possibly make it worse, but we also have to consider that flipping the coin and talking about fears can set a sense of comfort.

It is okay to be scared. Like mental health,  a lot of people seem to think that you should not speak about your issues to others. The reasons for that differ for each person, but I definitely think it has a link to fear. This feeling of being scared is normal and if you want to speak about the worries or fears you have, you damn well should feel comfortable to do so! There is absolutely no weakness in being scared.

Much love,

Rhi. X




9 thoughts on “The concept of death absolutely terrifies me.”

  1. I have no fear about dying at all. What I have found is that by the time anyone has reached old age they have learned to accept that death is a part of living. My advice to you is to try to live in the moment, not to look back and not to look forward. Life is precious and it’s meant to be enjoyed. Smile beautiful girl and remember to live in the now ❤️🌹🌸❤️

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      1. I used to fear death too, but I don’t anymore, now I know I wasted my energy and emotions for nothing and that’s hard work.

        When anything negative comes in to my mind I say NO to myself and repeat it then negative emotions can’t take hold.

        We are able to control our emotions when we know how. I am positive that you will learn all about this in your counselling… then you will LOOK BACK and realise it was nothing to worry about and hopefully reassure someone else in years to come


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  2. As you age you will lose that fear, at 73 I am sure my ticket is going to be collected soon, but, I have no regrets. I have lived my life honestly, worked hard, raised three beautiful children and have faith. My children went through that as well and do talk about it. I used to tell my children if I knew they were worried about something. “Lets talk about it, if you hold it in, it is like a balloon and the fear will make it get bigger and bigger. If you talk about it you let the air out of the balloon and it becomes small again. Talk to your parents, your siblings or a good friend.
    You are not alone. hugs help too, so I am sending you some…..hugs…:o)

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