Guest Post: The ins and outs of living with both depression and an anxiety condition.

Well hello everyone!

The latest guest post is from the lovely Anne, speaking out about her experiences of battling both depression and anxiety alongside each other. Enjoy! X

Hi guys! I’m Anne. today I am going to be discussing what it’s like to live with depression and anxiety. If you like posts about travel and mental health you can find me at A huge thank you to Rhianna for the opportunity to guest poston her wonderful blog. So here is my post!

Let’s Talk About Depression:

Depression is not just a word for feeling sad a lot. Depression is an illness. Yes you may not beable to see this illness like you can see other “ more important “ illnesses as you would believe.

Close to 800,000 people die from suicide each year!
800,000 people who felt they had no other choice than to end their lives. Depression is
living in a body that wants to live but a mind that wants to die.

Depression to me is feeling numb, not caring about the world around me and not really caring about my own health. Depression is not being able to concentrate when you have a lot of work to do. No motivation to be productive.

Feeling alone in a crowded room. It’s not just mental pain and anguish, you also get the
headaches, back and neck pains. All the physical aches and pains that come for the ride to.
Depression is waking up in the morning to stay in bed all day, not eating or overeating, not brushing your hair and isolating oneself. All the negative thoughts running through your mind. The demons becoming stronger and stronger, dragging you into the dark tunnel of suicidal thoughts, possible self harm and many other terrible things.

And What About Anxiety?
Anxiety is when you have someone sitting on your chest, preventing you from breathing properly and thinking clearly/ logically. You are unable to explain how you feel when you try to talk to someone else because honestly, you have no fucking idea what is going on in your own head.

Having anxiety is almost like having a voice following you around whispering dark thoughts of self doubt, relationship doubt, friendship doubt. It knows all your insecurities and pins them against you.
Things that don’t usually bother you get stuck in your head and continuously repeat over and over, making you feel stupid. It isolates you from everyone else because you are the only who can hear this voice.

Anxiety is overthinking every possible situation you have been in, thinking about everything you could have done and said differently. These thoughts keep you up at night. You’re unable to be in public or in social situations for long periods of time because your anxiety gets the better of you. You feel alone, that you are being judged and so many other things. It’s not fun.
I didn’t realise that I stayed at home and avoided going out with people or groups due to my anxiety. I just thought I was awkward and unsociable until I was diagnosed.

The Isolation of having both anxiety and depression:

Living with both depression and anxiety is absolute hell. It’s like being scared and tired all at the same time. You are constantly in fear but at the same time you don’t care. You feel useless and numb all at once. You are a bundling mess of mixed emotions. Not caring, yet overthinking.
Mental illness is not a joke. People suffer with it every single day. Yes they may be smiling, laughing, being outside with friends and looking happy- That doesn’t tell you what is behind the seemingly pretty smile.

PLEASE be considerate towards other people. You have no idea what someone could be going through behind closed doors.

Again a huge thank you to Rhianna for allowing me to guest post on her blog! If you’d like to follow me, here are my social links:

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