Hello! My name is Rhianna…(Also known as Rhi.) I am currently an 18 year old Sixth Form student with a love of English Literature and an interest in everything life has to give. I created this blog to not only connect with other people about a range of subjects that can bring people together, but to also raise awareness about mental health and share my advice and  experiences, which could be of use to other people!

I have found that writing, reading and blogging helps to keep my mind in focus and allows me to help keep my mental health on track….

This blog shall be home to a range of topics and ideas from all aspects of life, which also means that my blog shall hopefully cater for a variety of people.

Not only can you contact me via the Contact page, but you can also find me through a variety of social media. My main uses of social media are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Below is what I look like on a daily basis- Enjoy my blog, darlings! X