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Hello! My name is Rhianna…(Also known as Rhi.) I am currently an 19 year old English Literature University student. I created this blog to spread mental health awareness and connect with others in the mental health community!

I have had a rough time with my mental health, being very much aware of it since the age of 13. When I began this blog, I had just experienced a major breakdown and as someone who very much loves literature and writing, blogging became a good outlet for me. I will very likely need mental health support for the rest of my life through therapy and medication, but as many people know, I will not allow that to get in my way. After completing my degree, I want to train as a secondary teacher, inspiring and supporting young people.

Obviously my blog will speak a large amount about mental health, but you will also see liteerature based posts and content that speaks about being a student.

Not only can you contact me via the Contact page, but you can also find me through a variety of social media. My main uses of social media are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Much love,

Rhi. X

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The experiences of a young adult and University student who battles mental health issues. Advocating mental health awareness, wanting to create a positive impact in society.

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