Work Experience for The Little Princess Trust.

Hello, darlings!

Today I am talking about the work experience that I did at the Hereford branch of The Little Princess Trust. For those of you who are not aware of The Little Princess Trust, it is a charity which provides wigs to children who have lost hair because of cancer treatment.

The Trust also provides 1 wig each to suffers of Appalachia, but their main focus is on those who are losing/have lost hair because of cancer and the treatment that they have to go through. From an outside perspective, the charity’s job may appear to be quite easy and not stressful. However, this is not the case. I would be lying if I said that I was not exhausted after finishing my work experience, haha!

Not only do those working for the charity have to organise wigs for people who are in need of them, but they also have to speak to those who are fundraising for the charity, making packs for them and answering any questions they may have. Fundraising is a large part of the charity and without it, it would not be able to work forward to help children who are in need of wigs. The charity has to organise fundraising money and hair that they receive which with any important situation, can be stressful.

The base has to answer a large amount of emails and phonecalls, regarding many various aspects of what the charity does. What I can honestly say about the people who work for The Little Princess Trust is that from the people I have had the pleasure of meeting, they are some of the kindest and sweetest people that I have ever met. That is what a charity is. It is kind hearted and wonderful people working together to make the world a better place. What I saw was absolute delight on the staff members’ faces every single time they received news either via email or phone that someone wanted to/ had raised money or wanted to/have donated hair for the charity for wigs to made.  

I am so glad that I have had this opportunity, especially as one of my bestfriends has recently received wigs from The Little Princess Trust. Having the access to wigs allows children/young people who are going through cancer treatment to be able to gain some confidence and self esteem back, especially as they go through such an ordeal, regarding cancer.

If  you would like to fundraise money or hair for the charity to help others, you can find the information that you need on

Thank you, everyone!

Rhi. X




Great advice for budding writers and advertisers out there!

What’s so FAB about it? It’s just a lame pencil. Or is it? I have gone through some nifty retail sales training. You know the kind that teaches you to sell your soul to the devil to make the sale. Up-sell, up-sell, up-sell. I no longer wonder how they do it, how they smoothly transition you […]

via The FAB pencil — I wrote a book. Now what?

It is okay to not want to wear make up.

Hello, darlings.

This blog post is about make up and why it is okay to not want to conform to wearing it.

I would be lying if I said I was not a massive lover of make up. I have a tendency to  usually wear it on a daily basis, not only for my self-esteem, but also because I honestly enjoy wearing it and have a passion for it.

A large amount of people usually have a postive viewpoint, regarding the use of makeup, and many men and women wear it around the world. It is a wonderful way for people to express themselves and their creativity, on their face.

We do, however, forget that society is now starting to show judgement towards those who choose not to wear makeup; it’s like the scale of positivity is always unbalanced. It is perfectly okay for someone to choose whether to or not to wear makeup. What is not okay is to judge someone on what they decide to wear on their body. This goes for piercings and tattoos as well as there appears to be a large amount of stigma around that too.

There are a variety of reasons why a person may feel like they do not want to wear makeup and they should not be criticised  for that. We’re all trying to express ourselves, independently, and that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to do that in the same way. What I am trying to get across here is that every individual should be allowed to be their own self and choose how to define that (As long as it does not hurt other people, obviously.)

If you feel comfortable wearing make up, that is great!! But it is also great to feel comfortable with wearing no make up. Especially in the modern day, we end up focusing on other people, rather than ourselves. Do what makes you happy and let other people do exactly that too. Let the world be a more positive place. ❤

Rhi. X

Article: Moods Magazine.

Hello, everyone!

So the other day, an article which I wrote was published on Moods Magazine, which can be found here:

Moods Magazine is used to help people who are suffering from depression or a mood disorder, as well as the friends and family of someone who is suffering from a mental health disorder. My article talks about my personal experience of mental health and why it is so important to be aware of how important mental health is and why the stigma needs to be stopped.

Feel free to read it and let me know what you think.

Rhi. X


Connection of our past, present and future.

So here we are again at a crossroad,

of our past, present and future intertwined.

The decision is not which one to focus on,

but how to use all three for good.


Would you rather use your life story as a negative?

Thinking about all your regrets and worries?

Or would you prefer to use your lifestory as a postive?

Become a teacher and advocate of life lessons?


Our life may seem long, but it is actually minscule.

Our life may seem chaotic, but you are the one who can have control of how you live.

Instead of wishing for better things and perhaps the end to near,

Fight for a beautiful life and make every speck of it notable.


My trip to an Victorian Tearoom and Craft Centre!

Hello, you lovely lot!

Yesterday, I took a trip to an Victorian Tearoom in The Forest Of Dean, as it was a loved ones’ birthday.

I haven’t really had the experience of going to a tearoom before, especially an Victorian styled one. Not only was the food and drink done in an Victorian manner, but those who were serving us stayed in character at all times. To be quite honest, it really did feel like I had been transferred to a completely different era. The food and drink was only made from ingrediants that were around in the Victorian era. I had a hot chocolate because I do not like tea (Sorry!)  and it was made in the traditional way of that era, which was a bar of chocoalte melted in boiling water. Surprisingly, it was very lovely indeed!

Outside the tearoom was an absolutely gorgeous garden, which looked liked it had appeared from someone’s dream. Reminded me a lot of The Secret Garden, actually. It even had it’s own real life cat! (I am not joking, see the pictures below.)

Afterwards, we took a trip to a nearby craft centre, which was full of many homemade products. Those that were cosmetic based products smelled ridiculosuly nice and those that were not cosmetics were absolutely adorable and I wanted to buy the whole store. Below I have added a bunch of photos from my day. If you ever get teh chnce to go to a Tearoom (Victorian or not) take up the offer, you will not be disapointed. The food and drink that I had was so nice and I felt like I was going to explode from how full I was after we had left.

Much love,

Rhi. X

My goals for September.

I hope you’re all well, my darlings.

As a new month is upon us, I think it is important to set some goals for the month ahead- Both small and large.

  1. Get settled into Year 13– It is a busy year ahead of me, regarding education. It is a year of stepping forward towards my final Alevels exams and deciding on my next path way. So, it is always good to start the new achademic year by getting settled into Year 13 and the workload asap.
  2. Learn some ways to control on my anxiety issues– Some of you may be aware that I suffer from pretty bad anxiety issues and in the past few months, it has been a big struggle of mine. My goal for this month is to try and not let myself go overboard again. To do this, I need to start to learn that if I am stuggling, talk to someone before it gets out of hand. 
  3. Contiue to enjoy and do well on my blog– I have only had my blog for a few days, yet it has already become a passion of mine and it is amazing the interest that people already have about it. I will continue to enjoy expressing myself and my thoughts!!
  4. Enjoy my 18th Birthday– It hasn’t sunk in that my Birthday is fast approaching and adulthood is approaching. As said in my last post, I have worries about being an adult, but I will ignore these and damn well enjoy my special day. ^.^
  5. Continue to make a difference to other people’s lives through the charity I am working for-I currently volunteer and do work experience for a local youth mental health charity (Which I will speak about in more detail in a future post.) I love being involved in making a big change to young people’s mental health awareness and I look forward to all the exciting things approaching, regarding this charity.
  6. Keep being me– I think this is something that we can all agree on. Becoming too stressed or wrapped up in life can change who we are, eventually. I have no intention of that occurring to me, because I love who I am and have no reason to become a different person. I just need to keep being me.

What are your goals for this month? Feel free to comment below.

Much love,

Rhi. X

This is defintely  a blog post from a fellow blogger that is worth a read- Being able to embrace yourself is important! ❤ 

I originally shared this post in February, but I thought it fit my Mental Health Series well so I’m sharing it again today. I had a bit of an ‘ah ha’ moment recently, which led to me thinking about how hard it is for most of us to embrace who we are. To truly like […]

via Mental Health Series – Embrace Yourself — A Kinder Way

Mr Robot- Review!


This is my first review on my blog- Pretty excting, ehh?

I had been meaning to watch Mr Robot for a while, but it was not until about 3 months ago that I finally got round to watching the series. I had my doubts, because from what I had heard, it was all about hacking and in past expereinces, that has never been appealing to me.

The series is based  around a young, socially anxious, computer engineer called Elliot who is extremely good at hacking. By reading that, you are all probably thinking “That sounds pretty boring.” That is what I thought…. but OH HELL NO!

Not only does the series talk about how humans are connected and that our lives create our personalities/ the way we act in day to day society, but it also focuses on a range of mental health issues, as well as the many political problems in the world which we are surrounded by everyday.

You become extremely attached to Elliot and have so much sympathy for him, especially as you learn more about him and the things he has to suffer with. I am a lover of television series and have watched many of them when I have had free time- This is most certainly in my top 3. I would be lying if I said that there was not some pretty messed up twists as the series unfolds. You know those programmes or films that quite literally make your jaw drop? Well, oh my, this is certainly one of them!

I am currently eagerly awaiting for series 2 to be released on boxset. ( I know it is already on Amazon Prime, but unfortunatly that is something that I do not have). I really highly suggest that you all give this series a look- The acting is also superb and I could not fault it. The only thing that I would say about Mr Robot is that it is a bit slow at first, but then out of nowhere, things get really intense extremely quickly…

If you have any suggestions of reviews that you would like me to do, let me know!

Bye for now,

Rhi. X

Adulthood is approaching: What I am apprehensive about.


Let’s talk adulthood! On the 24th September of this month, I shall be turning 18 years old!!

It is a time of celebration and excitement for the future. At 18, there are no limits to what I can do and what I can become.

On the other hand, I am also apprehensive about turning 18 years old and all the scary things in adulthood that I shall have to face at some point.

Ironically, the excting plans that I am looking forward to are also the same things that I am fearful for- Every person becomes fearful of the future because they do not want to waste their life and wants to be happy. Everyone wants to think back on their life when their time is ending and think ‘My life was great. I used it well.’

Some of my aims for adulthood include completing an English Literature degree, teaching young people and adults, having my own children, and making a difference to other people’s lives.

What goals do the rest of you have? What do you hope to gain out of life? It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you are or are not reaching a milestone, it would be interesting to know what other people’s hopes and dreams are!

I look forward to hearing them and hopefully my worries about adulthood will start to disappear when I start experiencing adulthood in late September. Much love. ❤

Rhi. X


Songs I have been listening to- August 2016

It is August 31st already?!?!

My, my, this month has gone quickly, as has every month this year, to be honest! I seriously cannot wait for Autumn. (Favourite season of the year.)

This post has been inspired by Caitlin’s ‘The Ultimate Study Playlist‘ blog post, which you should defintely check out!

The difference with my post is that I am going to list some of the songs that have become favourites of mine, this month. Some of the songs that I shall list are quite new, whilst others have been out for quite a while!

  1. Gangsta- Kehlani.
  2. Friends- Francis and the lights feat Bon Iver.
  3. Bad Girls- M.I.A.
  4. Don’t Let Me Down- The Chainsmokers and Daya.
  5. The Beach- The Neighbourhood.
  6. Nothing Left To Say/ Rocks (Medley)- Imagine Dragons.
  7. Holy- PVRIS.
  8. Twice- Catfish And The Bottlemen.
  9. Holy Mountains- System Of The Down.
  10. Beautiful Crime- Tamer.

As you can probably tell, I don’t really listen to a specific genre of music- I listen to any song, as long as I like it, haha! I have so many more song suggestions on my Music Playlist on Spotify, so feel free to check that out too!


Rhi. X

Insomnia: From a sufferer’s perspective!

Hello, my darlings!

For as long as I can remember, sleeping has been a rather difficult task to say the least. Yes, I have been dealt the card of suffering from insomia. Every night, I wonder to myself before bed “Hmmm, I wonder how much sleep I will be getting tonight?.”

Anyone who suffers from insomia knows that it is ridiculously difficult to not watch the clock or overthink sleep throughout the day or whilst looking up at the ceiling, wide awake at night. (EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED AND JUST WANT SOME BLOODY DECENT SLEEP!!)


Some of the sterotypical symptoms of insomia include difficulty falling asleep, still feeling exhausted after having sleep, difficulty remaining asleep and getting back to sleep. I have heard some people take sleeping pills or alcohol before bed, but that is most certainly a route that I will always avoid, as I personally do not find that they are postive solutions to the problem!

It is not like I have not tried various options to try and improve my sleep. Here are some of the many things I have tried in the past few years:

  • Daily exercise and fresh air.
  • Reading a book before I go to bed, instead of looking at objects that are technology based.
  • Drinking water before bed, in order to remain hydrated through the night.

However, none of these seem to do the trick. I guess the reason could be because I have been suffering from this condition for a long period of time and my body is just being stubborn. Another reason could be down to the fact I am certainly a worrier, especially in the evening. As a Sixth Form student, it is nice to have a decent amount of sleep at the end of a busy day….but that is a dream I am yet to achieve, gahhhh!!

I think the whole anxiety and worrying thing around sleep relates to most, if not all, people that suffer from insomia. It is extremely frustrating because the anxiety around sleep is very difficult to ignore, because the more you think about your issues…Well,  the more concerned and fearful you become.

I hope this blog post has been of interest to both people who do and do not suffer from insomia. I personally find it interesting and reassuring to hear about people’s expereinces that I am able to relate to!

If you have any advice to me and fellow insomia sufferers or just a genral interest in the post, feel free to comment below or possibily share, so other sufferers are aware they are not alone in this!

Cheers, m’dears.

Rhi. X

Bank holiday thought of the day- Mistakes are needed in life!!


Happy Bank holiday, hope you have all been embracing the fine weather!

Just thought I would share a small thought of mine, regarding mistakes and why people needs them.

We may feel awful when we make a mistake or a decision which goes wrong, but I honestly believe that life would not be life without them. Through mistakes, we learn more about ourselves, other people and how we can improve in the future.

Some mistakes can be really negative on yourself and other people, but time will pass and if you have learnt something from that mistake, you will be able to better yourself and stop the mistake from reoccurring.

Basically, mistakes are not impending doom. They are just a learning curve and an opportunity to make better things.


Much love,

Rhi. X

Things not to say to a sufferer of anxiety.

Hello, everyone.

I would be lying if I said this was not a very personal post for me. I have seen and heard a large amount of things surrounding the stigma of anxiety and a variety of mental health issues…and it hurts. It really bloody hurts.

I am one of thousands of people fighting  the stigma that shadows the topic of mental health. However, I am not just doing it from the perspective of a mental health activist. I am also doing it from the perspective of a sufferer myself. I have to deal with generalized anxiety disorder, as well as bouts of depression, on a daily basis. There will definitely be future posts on my blog about mental health and various aspects of it, but today, I shall be raising awareness of anxiety disorders and helping people that do not have the disorder understand what to not say to someone with anxiety. ❤

  1. ” You’re overreacting”

People who are suffering from an anxiety disorder are aware that they are being irrational, but that does not stop the panic or anxiety that they are experiencing, especially if they are suffering from it on a daily basis. If anything, telling them that they are overreacting will make things even worse because the person will start to panic that they are being irritating or are being a burden. (Guilt is a big part of an anxiety disorder.)

2. ” There are people suffering from larger issues”

Yes, there are people suffering from larger issues, but people forget that having an anxiety disorder, or any mental health disorder for that matter can cause absolute havoc for a person and actually can be really dangerous/ terrifying.

3. “It is just in your head.”.

It may be a mental health disorder, but there are physical symptoms too. I personally suffer from pretty bad physical symptoms, as do a few of my friends who suffer from anxiety. Stomach aches, feeling or being sick, feeling faint and even suffering from IBS are only some of the many physical symptoms that a person with anxiety may have to cope with. It varies with the individual though.

4. “Everyone gets anxiety.”

It is normal for everyone to get anxiety once in a while, but when you are suffering from constant anxiety and fear over the smallest of things, that is when it becomes an issue and can become extremely severe. In a variety of cases, it can lead to other mental health issues.

5. “Just meditate.”

This one especially upsets me. Now, as much as I agree that meditation can be a great way to control anxiety and can work for some people, other people are unable to control their anxiety through just meditation and need more help and support, in order to be able to cope, WHICH IS OKAY!! Anxiety affects individuals in different ways. Some people can keep keep their anxiety under key through self help and care, whilst others have to look to therapy and possibility medication if self care is no longer working.

6. “It will go away.”

That’s the thing. Anxiety and other mental health issues are not the same as physical health issues. With a physical issue, you can usually get rid of it, eventually, as long as it is not too severe. With a mental health issue, it is more complex than just taking a pill or wearing a sling for a couple of weeks. Any underlining mental health issues that you may suffer from will always be there. They may not always be in your face, because you may be controlling it well through self care, therapy and/or medication. However, they will never disappear and can reappear at any point in your life because of the smallest of thing. It is about keeping an eye on your mental health and having the tools to fight through when things are becoming bad. You never stop running a race.

7. “Just get on with it.”

It is never a good idea to say this because not only will this make the person with the anxiety  feel even more anxious, it may also lead to a panic attack occurring. Forcing them to do something is going to create more of a negative impact, not a positive one.

If you think you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder or you are someone who wants to know what would be appropriate to say to someone with anxiety, I have attached links below:

I know this would have been quite an intense blog post, but I hope it was of help to both anxiety sufferers and non- anxiety sufferers.

Rhi. X




How do you become an organised person?

Those who know me understand I get stressed.


As I am becoming older, life is becoming extremely busy and chaotic, especially as adulthood approaches. Balancing both the social and work aspects of my life, whilst keeping on top of the many everyday tasks that are thrown at me and so many other people.

However, having a busy life does not necessarily need to be so stressful if you know how to organise your life accordingly, so you are able to keep up on tasks of all sorts without ending up in a procrastination based situation. Yes, that’s right, we have all been there and done it. I am generally a rather organised person, but I have had times I have fallen off the band-wagon. To refrain this from occurring on a regular basis, I use a variety of tips to make sure I keep organised. Here we go:

  1. Write a to do list/ bullet journal: Some people like to keep a To Do List and others prefer to keep a Bullet Journal. I personally write lists, but have been considering trying out the journal method. Whichever of the two you decide to go with, they will both allow you to keep on track of outstanding work/tasks that need to be completed, as well as helping you to know what you are supposed to be doing on that particular day and when it needs to be done by. Additionally, they are also good for prioritizing different tasks, so you can move the most important ones to the front of your agenda!

2. If at all possible, complete work given to you asap: Now this one is more of a difficult tip to maintain, but it really does help if you are able to complete work as soon as possible after you have received it. Not only will you feel more organised, but you shall also not fall into the rift of procrastination and end up panicking at 10:30pm at night because a piece of work is due in the next day and you have not even started it. (It happened to me once when I was 14….Never again!!)

3. Tidying is a good thing: Tidying is always a good thing to do, in order to feel organised and in the zone for getting things done. It allows you to get rid of any old items in your possession which are of no use anymore, plus you may re- find items which you believed had been lost for ever in the depths of despair under your bed.

4. Sort your email inbox into different folders: I am afraid to say that I am one of those people who feels uneasy about seeing people have over 300 emails in their inbox!! I personally stop this from happening myself by putting different emails in a range of folders that relate to their importance or topic area. It is also good to regularly loom through your inbox, so you do not miss any emails of importance and can trash any that are not needed anymore.

5. Breathe: It is all well and good following techniques to become a more organised person, but it is important to also take a deep breath and believe in yourself that you can get tasks done, instead of rolling yourself into a stress ball. ❤


If you have any other tips, feel free to comment below!

I hope this was of help, everyone! Until next time.

Rhi. X


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