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A lil’ Sunday update!

Hello, darlings!

I hope you’ve all been well! For once, this week has been rather peaceful and not as stressful as life usually is for me, mainly because it has been my half term break from Sixth Form. Of course, a large amount of my week has been spent on catching up on Sixth Form work and getting tasks off my list ticked off, but there have also been some fun times as well.

Last Saturday, I took a visit to Bourton On The Water. For those of you who are not aware of this place, it is a large village in Gloucestershire, which has many cute teashops, tourist attractions and beautiful scenery. I swear that is I ever want to just pack my bags and move somewhere peaceful in the distant future, I shall be certainly looking in to moving there! I most definitely highly suggest you take a trip there if you are looking for a day out to a very blissful place.

I’ve also somehow got half of my Christmas shopping done already and it is not even November yet! My mental health tends to make me very stressed and anxious around Christmas time, so this year, I thought that it would be a good idea to try and get presents bought and wrapped early, so then it is one less thing to worry about- It is working so far! On Friday, I also went to my bestfriend’s 18th birthday party, and not going to lie, I was very anxious beforehand as parties with a large amount of people are not the greatest of events for me. Turns out that it was the best party I have ever been to, as I was surrounded by many of my close friends and everything ran really smoothly. The room was filled with peace, love and of course a large amount of alcoholic beverages- My poor head, ahaha! The birthday celebration was not only special because the birthday girl is my bestfriend, but because she has had a tough year, due to fighting Hodgkin LymphomaΒ (A rare type of cancer) since June. On the feature photo at the top of this blog post, she is the girl in the middle. Luckily, she only has 2 more chemotherapy sessions left and is in remission, yay!! I could not be prouder of her.

I am kind of looking forward to returning to Sixth Form next week, as it will be good to get back into the swing of things. I think it is fair to say though that like many people, I could do with another week off! A part of me is thinking like that because I know that next week is going to be rather emotional for me, as I am finally receiving the help and support I need for my mental health through therapy. I have fought so long and hard for people to realise how much I am struggling and I am both excited, but nervous and emotional about the fact that I am actually being listened to. Lets see how it goes, eh?

Hopefully you have all had a great week and that it shall continue!

Much love,

Rhi. X