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Mental Health Therapy- Part 2.

Hello, everyone!

Hope you’re all well! Yesterday, I had my second therapy session. For those of you who have not got round to reading my first post, you can find it here.

Not going to lie, the therapy session was extremely intense, but in a positive way. I certainly learnt a large amount about myself and that means that I am starting to learn why and how my mind thinks and works! Not only this, but I began a specific type of therapy called CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.) For those of you who are not aware of what it is or have not experienced it, it is a type of therapy that challenges the way a person thinks and try to find solutions to block those unhealthy thoughts and behaviour that may come with it. CBT is commonly used for people suffering from anxiety disorders or/ and depression, which I both suffer from.

Through this, my therapist started to work with me with relaxation tools to try and help me prevent panic attacks when they arise, as well as teaching me tips on how to cope when in a situation that I am not comfortable with. I found these tips very useful, but obviously I will only be able to see if they work by putting them into practice.

Regarding the things I have learnt about myself and my mind this week, there is actually quite a lot! Not only did I realise that not only am I suffering from depression, as well as generalised and social anxiety disorders, but I am also suffering from a panic disorder. I am a bubble of anxiety, ahaha! On a serious note, this does explain a lot and even though it is a scary concept, I am glad that I can finally explain why I feel some of the feelings I do and why I suffer from panic attacks so often.

I also came to the realisation that I definitely have attachment issues, which is one of many causes for why I suffer so strongly from mental health issues. Furthermore, there are many other branches and triggers which are causes of my deteriorated mental health, and that’s okay! It is quite alarming, but it is also a relief that there are reasons and I can finally start to find them. Recovery is an intense, but interesting path, and it is making me realise that I am not ‘crazy’.

I hope this progress continues in the next session.

On a side note, I sent of my university application off this week and have already received offers for 2 of my 5 choices, yay!

Much love,

Rhi. X